The market is brisk. But the product needs to be right. You are positioned in the bicycle industry. You are thinking about a new model, a new product line or about innovations in your market segment.

Open up new competencies.
You feel like doing something new, especially in the area of marketing. Technology and new concepts are as important in your business area as lifestyle and fun-generation.

Seek a consultation.
You as a manufacturer are consistently challenged to think about cost reduction. You know about the advantages of Outsourcing and envision a context-oriented, time- and finance limited cooperation.

You are a prospering business outside the bicycle market. You are considering an extension of your product range, would like the use the undiminished bicycle trend or combine it with your products.

You are a market leader in your segment. You define trends and think about mobility within your company and outside of it. Rightly, you expect synergy effects from collaboration.