The perfect positioning on the market is a deciding factor.

New demands of the consumers demand new ideas.
conceptRAD is the think tank and present the necessary elements.

The knowledge – this includes global knowledge about the bicycle and its uses in industry and trade, the combination of theory and practice, the bicycle culture in traffic and leisure time.

The high commitment to work – the necessary analysis, the joint development of solutions and an effective aftercare operation lead to results-oriented work.

The customer service – You as our customer choose only the service you really need.

The concepts – our team generates concepts for contemporary mobility, develops programs or single products, supervises or manages the products, advises, analyses and optimizes, develops and places brands.

The bicycle technology – ideas and conceptions are put into practice, from the bicycle to the motorized small vehicle, from the construction to the optimization, of tests and testing methods, from prototype construction to assembly.

The marketing – assortment policies and marketing strategies are developed, public relations and advertisements are implemented, purchasing and logistics are processed.

Ideas, jointly implemented with you.